Improvements to public transport in the Alt Empordŕ

- From Monday 14 September the Ministry of Public Works of the Generalitat, with the company Ampurdán Bus, launch improvements to public transport between Garriguella and Figueres.

- Those improvements consist on the creation of two new lines, one that from Vilamaniscle will pass throw Garriguella, Vilajuďga, Pedre i Marzŕ, Vilanova de la Muga, Perelada, Vilabertran and Figueres, and the other one, that from Garriguella will pass throw Delfiŕ, Rabós, Mollet, Espolla, Sant Climent, Capmany, Masarac, Cabanes, Peralada, Vilabertran and Figueres.

- Timetables have been designed together with local councils, to suit the needs of students and labor mobility, in the same sense, they have been designed in order to link with the arrivals and departures of trains in Figueres.

- Increase of services come with a quality improvement of that services. with the addition of new vehicles adapted for disabled people. The new service also offers a new pricing system that rewards the most loyal users, creating cards T-10 multi-trip and discounts of up to 30 percent.

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